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I might regret this later, and I might remove it.

But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I’m sick of seeing beautiful women on my dashboard who are nude and have perfect bodies, and it’s considered art, but if I post something that shows a little skin, I get chastised and called a whore for posting “slutty” pictures on a public site for the world to see.

Well, what the fuck is wrong with that? I post a good amount of selfies, even though I fucking hate myself and the way my face looks. I don’t post pictures of my body, even though that’s the only thing I’m actually confident about. I love my body. I really do. I can’t say the same for my face. But I know I have a banging bod. And I don’t go out and fuck a bunch of guys. I don’t post suggestive photos. I hide my body, because I have been told that I should. Even now, I’m not showing my genitalia. I’m not showing my nipples (don’t get me started on the over sexualisation of nipples). 

Why should I hide the only thing I love about myself? It’s not my fault people sexualise fucking everything. It’s THEIR fault I’m so fucking insecure in the first place. Women need to take their self esteem back.

So much love for this post